‘It’s been scary but great fun.’

AbbieAnne Searle’s versatility when it comes to crafting and artistry has allowed her to master a diverse range of mediums.  She has built up her expertise in creating things over the course of a decade, and has been able to collaborate on other pieces of work along the way too.  She works mostly in patchwork, textile & watercolour.  She is based in Wadebridge, UK.

I was never happier than playing in the art-room, especially if I could find a reason to use the dried sunflower as my inspiration for the class. I can and do appreciate art on so many levels. I see all of life in colour and shape, music gets added in here and there as well. For every one item I produce there could have been fifty pieces of inspiration, each with many more connotations. My mind is alive with ideas and ‘what if’s?’, not only for myself but for those I teach as well. I have enough enthusiasm for myself and countless others who pass within my sphere.

Fimo Dragon by AbbieAnne

My dad inspired me as he was an authentic silversmith of the variety rarely now seen. He was an apprenticed silversmith specialising in antique silver restoration, one of the last. One of the most patient (with me anyway) artists I’ve ever come across. I am a tad biased though! He and two lovely ladies who taught me art at school, Miss Bonner and Mrs Lovegrove.

“I tend to find fabric at every turn, patchwork & quilting was born of thrift, so I tend to recycle just about anything if the colour or texture appeals to me.”

I’m of an age that I have acquired more than I actually need!  (Not that I’m about to admit that to my hubby or decrease my stash of stuff! You never know what you’ll need or when.) I tend to find fabric at every turn, patchwork & quilting was born of thrift, so I tend to recycle just about anything if the colour or texture appeals to me. If I’m buying new or actual equipment, it could be from a craft show or a small local shop. I like to see & feel my consumable stock, things are never the same in a photo.

Making it into a career has happened gradually and more by luck than judgement. I did nothing profitable with my gift for very many years.  I was of a time when you generally left school and went to work; art was not work and I was unaware of anything like apprenticeships, my school advising banking or teaching… I suppose they were right, I’ve got to the teaching bit in the end via various public facing jobs.

It’s only in the last 10 years that I’ve taken myself more seriously, those around me have encouraged me to do so, my husband leading the way.  Slowly but surely the hours I spend teaching & producing artworks has taken over from paid employment, it’s been scary but great fun. Others have seen things I’ve never really recognised in myself, the fact that I can now enjoy earning from what I love to do still amazes me.




If I could give myself advice in retrospect, it would be these four things;

  1. Have more faith in yourself!
  2. It’s amazing what anyone can achieve when there is reason to achieve it.
  3. Be colourful at every opportunity.
  4. Take no heed of other’s negativity.


From here I will grow slowly but surely. By trying new things, building on what takes my whim. By being myself, something that seems to have come with age. By encouraging others and appreciating life and endeavouring not to take things or others for granted. By not worrying about things I can’t change and ignoring negativity. By being nice to others and my surrounds, it allows the right head space & creativity to flow.

You can follow AbbieAnne on her website, or visit her studio in Wadebridge, Cornwall.  She exhibits at the end of every September in Rock, Cornwall.  Commissions are taken in many mediums.


5 thoughts on “‘It’s been scary but great fun.’

  1. Lovely piece, quite inspiring. You must be a very talented lady.
    I started quilting group when I moved to Somerset five years ago, (I had been quilting two years then), now many of my ladies are much more talented and produce beautiful work, so much more than me. I am so pleased at what they achieve but deflated also as I lack confidence to progress further myself!


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